Contagious: Why Things Catch On

I read this recently and its worth a look if you are in anything related to marketing. The author discusses why certain products catch on and others don't. One of the best things I've gleaned from this is the use of association when marketing a product. People tend to be more drawn to a product when its associated with something else they like. One example was how the song "Friday" partially became a hit merely because people like Fridays and they happen every week. The songs popularity on the chart would increases on guess what day.....yep, Friday. It had a built-in selling point and Fridays happen every week so even better.

Podcasts: This Idea Must Die

Anyone who knows me knows I have a Podcast addiction. It is one of the benefits of working in design and editing, because I can saturate my brain with information while doing my job. I have also burned through many an audio book this way.

So.....two of the most thought provoking Podcasts this week were:

Freakonomics: This Idea Must Die


And Snap Judgement: The Scientist and the Psychopath

If your brain cells are feeling a little deprived and in need of intellectual stimulation, give these podcasts a whirl. 

Prostate Cancer and Vitamin D

1 in 7 men will develop prostate cancer. The preliminary research is still early, but Vitamin D was shown to shrink prostate cancer and in some cases, completely reverse it.

I have nothing but praise for Vitamin D. I highly recommend a blood test before adding Vitamin D - especially in high doses. AND ask your doctor for your results. Some doctors aren't up-to-date on optimal vitamin levels. 

Vitamin D did require an adjustment period of about 3 weeks for me. I had an enormous burst of energy coupled with insomnia that lasted during this phase. It eventually settled and now I feel "normal" and sleep well. And the benefits, well for one: my skin - oh how soft it is! All the problems with dry skin - GONE! Yay! It also reduces anxiety - which is a nice mood enhancement.

I eventually worked up to 10,000 IU 5x per week. I work with my doctor on this and get blood tests regularly. I had actually cut back my dose after a family friend suggested I didn't need to take that much, and guess what? My levels fell back into the bad range again! So now I am happily staying at this dose until my blood tests indicate I need to reduce it.