Happy Birthday to my Dad

Happy Birthday to my dad. He would have been 85 today. His co-workers gave him the cake in this photo when he and my mom bought the farm in Cloverdale.
When I was walking in the park this morning a beautiful orange and white kitty ran across my path. I spent the next several minutes sitting in the sunshine petting this kitty and I can't help but think that my dad sent me a cat today for a little "therapy". In 7 years I've only encountered 4 other cats in this park and I've never encountered a cat that has let me pet it until today. (and no worries about the kitty - I contacted her/his human via the phone number on the collar and all is well).
Happy Birthday to my Dad. I miss him.


It's no secret I'm a Ted Talk junkie. Progressive thinking is something I find lacking in daily life and this is where I get my fix. This is one of my newest favorite talks by Emilie Wapnick regarding the concept of Multipotentialites - people who are interested in and excel at more than one career. I hope the working world can evolve and embrace this concept a little more readily. 


Contagious: Why Things Catch On

I read this recently and its worth a look if you are in anything related to marketing. The author discusses why certain products catch on and others don't. One of the best things I've gleaned from this is the use of association when marketing a product. People tend to be more drawn to a product when its associated with something else they like. One example was how the song "Friday" partially became a hit merely because people like Fridays and they happen every week. The songs popularity on the chart would increases on guess what day.....yep, Friday. It had a built-in selling point and Fridays happen every week so even better.